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          Introduction of welding agent for UPVC pipe

          2020-10-16 16:27:27 Jiaxing Nanyi Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Read

                  The welding agent is made of polymer resin and solvent in a certain proportion. For the bonding operation of pipes of different pipe diameters, the welding agent can be divided into three types of low, medium and high viscosity, and its viscosity value is 90-150, 500-1600 and above 1600 in turn.

                 Generally, the larger the pipe diameter, the higher the viscosity requirements of the solvent used (to facilitate the painting of large-diameter pipes), and the medium-viscosity solvent has a wider application range for pipe diameters.

                 Requirements for commonly used medium and low viscosity solvents:

                 One: It should be in a free-flowing state (not a gel), and there must be no delamination and precipitation without stirring;

                 Two: There should be no clumps, insoluble particles or other impurities that affect the bonding strength in the welding agent;

                 Three: For UPVC pipe, the shear strength of curing 1, 24 and 336h should be: p1≥0.6mpa, P2≥2.0mpa, P3≥5.0mpa (it is British standard, temperature is (23±1)℃).

                 Solvents and solvents are all flammable, volatile, and irritating substances, so please pay attention when using them!

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