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          Buried drainage pipes mainly use concrete piping systems.

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                  Traditionally, buried drainage pipes mainly use concrete or reinforced concrete pipe systems. In the world, PVC drainage pipes have been widely used for decades, but in my country, PVC drainage pipes were gradually promoted after 1998. Due to the unique advantages of PVC drainage pipes and government support and encouragement, the market has expanded rapidly in recent years. According to the actual application experience in various places, the main advantages of PVC drainage pipes are: no leakage-prevent environmental pollution; sufficient strength and rigidity-to withstand buried loads; PVC drainage pipes have good hydraulic characteristics; long service life: corrosion resistance and resistance Wear and tear; easy to lay and install; good overall economy and can compete with concrete pipes.

                 The country is a big industrial country and is called the "factory of the world". In many industrial fields, my country's production scale takes the lead, accounting for a large proportion. For example, my country’s coal production reached 3.2 billion tons, accounting for 48% of the world’s total; my country’s steel output reached 630 million tons, accounting for 44.3% of the world’s total; my country’s oil production reached 200 million tons; my country’s automobile production reached 18.26 million, accounting for 23% of the world’s total. . 5%. Therefore, the demand for industrial pipelines is huge, and it has become the world's largest industrial pipeline market.

                 Industrial plastic pipe is an important field of plastic pipe. With the progress of society, the progress of science and technology is developing very rapidly. Not only the scope of application continues to expand, but also increasingly becoming an indispensable component of modern industry and industrial products.

                 My country's plastic pipe industry has also made great progress in the field of industrial plastic pipes in recent years, but there is still a significant gap compared with the international level. In other words, there is unlimited room for development and huge growth potential in this plastic pipe field with higher technological content and higher economic value. Fortunately, in recent years, some leading domestic plastic pipe companies have been working hard to develop the field of industrial plastic pipes, and some have achieved encouraging results.

                 The amount of industrial plastic pipes is not a large proportion of the total amount of plastic pipes, but the value of industrial plastic pipes is the highest. This is because of the high technological content, only a few companies can produce, and many products are still protected by intellectual property rights. Therefore, the added value is often much higher than that of general-purpose pipes used in construction and construction projects. In addition, the service life of industrial plastic pipes is usually low, which increases the annual demand. One reason for the lower service life is the severe damage to the pipeline due to the harsh conditions of use. For example, although the plastic pipe for conveying mineral sand slurry is far more durable than steel pipe, the service life is usually only a few years. Another reason is that due to rapid technological progress, many industrial facilities and products must be updated in time. For example, industrial products such as automobiles will generally not last more than ten years.

                 As we all know, after more than ten years of unprecedented high-speed development, the total amount of my country's plastic pipe industry has reached the first place in the world. At present, it is the key to change the development mode and adjust and optimize the structure. Staying in the field of general-purpose and low-end pipeline products, relying on expanding scale to compete for the market, and reducing costs to compete can no longer continue. It is necessary to change the mindset and conservative concepts that have been formed over a long period of time, shift from focusing on quantitative growth to focusing on quality improvement, and take the road of technological innovation to open up new markets. This is the only way for our country to go from a big country with plastic pipes to a strong country with plastic pipes.

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